PSEUDO License - Artist - Node Locked

PSEUDO License - Artist - Node Locked

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License for freelancers that do not need floating licenses.

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This license is intended for freelancers. Its features include:

  • Enables use of all products including PSEUDO Fluid Solver.

  • You receive compatibility with all new builds and versions of software released during the time of your license period free of additional charge.


  • A copy of Side FX’s Houdini 17.0 or 17.5.

  • Internet connection for connecting to the license server.

  • Windows, macOS, or Linux operating systems.

Important information:

  • The license will only work on the computer you register and log into.

  • During your license period you receive the option to unlock the licenses and log into a new computer 2 times.

  • You can purchase multiple licenses if you wish to log into multiple computers simultaneously.

  • There is no refund after purchase unless we can not solve any errors that prevent you from working. Errors must be diagnosed and determined to be faulty on our part before a refund will be issued.

Upon purchase you will receive a confirmation email followed by another email with your login ID and license key.