Support for Houdini 17.0 & 17.5 on Windows, macOS, and Linux.



  • Solver can now source directly from VDBs with no VDB to point conversion.

  • Solver only writes out a field to VDB when the user downloads its data from the device in the OpenCL settings.

  • Option to prune output voxels based on activation in the output settings.

  • Solver will only write out VDBs when it is the last sub-step and the frame being solved matches the timeline frame number.

  • Compiled nodes and HDAs now have their build number in the asset definition so users can keep older version of the tools.

  • Solver now defaults to falling back on the GPU type when initialization encounters an error.

    • It will look for another GPU before falling back to the CPU.

  • Solver HDA's inputs have changed.

    • First input is for source VDBs, second input is for source points, and the third input is for source shapes.

    • If you want to source points you need to use the new sourcePoints HDA and plug it into the second input.

  • Stability improvements.

    • Solver HDA will check your inputs for all the needed attributes and will throw an error if the input is invalid.

    • It will also state the reason for the error.

  • Sources can now be a source and influence at the same time.

    • Density can be emitted if overlapping with an influence field. The sourcing mode and time step from the influence field will be used. For density, the source's mode and time step will be used since influence does not emit density.


  • Fixed issue where solver's velocity scale did not affect the velocity noise or force strength of source shapes.

  • Fixed bug where past frames VDBs were not being cleared when skipping multiple frames on the timeline.

  • Fixed bug where disabling input also disabled advection in the reflection solver mode.

New Products: Plug-In, HDA, HIP Files, Nuke Files

Matthew Puchala