Support for Houdini 17.0 & 17.5 on Windows, macOS, and Linux.



  • Added extra information on the solver HDA to display the number active voxels as well as the current device being used.

  • Stability improvements with OpenCL.

  • Solver now throws proper warning and error messages when there is a failure or a preferred device could not be used.

  • Added a new HDA called Source Shapes that allows a user to source using basic primitives.

    • This is faster than direct volume sourcing.

    • User can add noise to breakup the shape of the source.

    • Forces can be added to the source such a directional force or turbulence noise.

    • Also works for collisions.

    • These shapes can be connected to the solver’s new fourth input.

    • You can use a mix of shape sources and volume sources.

  • Disturbance block size now defaults to referencing the division size using an expression.

    • Users can still override this.

  • Solver now outputs the number of active voxels as a detail attribute.

  • Adjusted reflective solver mode.

    • Reworks some of the operations to be more inline with the original paper that it’s based on.

    • A new example HIP file is included that compares the results of the different solver modes.


  • Turbulence noise model was producing artifacts.

    • This change does mean that previous simulations might look slightly different when run with this version.

New Products: Plug-In, HDA, HIP File

Matthew Puchala