Support for Houdini 17.0 & 17.5 on Windows, macOS, and Linux.



  • New HDA file that combines the solver and source node into one file.

  • Improved combustion model.

    • Exposed a separate pressure parameter to control pressure contribution from combustion.

  • Improved sourcing workflow.

    • Separate source modes for source, collision, and influence. I.e. Add, Replace, Maximum.

    • Collision and influence now allows for type names. i.e. collision, collisionvel, collisiontemperature, influence, infleuncefuel, influencetemperature, influencevel.

    • Time scale controls per source field. This allows you to specify how much of a given field will be sourced given the user specified time step.

  • Simulation parameters that work based on percentages of a given value now have a time scale option next to them.

    • Namely Temperature Diffusion, Burn Rate, and Dissipation.

    • Previously, these work as a percentage lost per second. Now you can have percentage lost per user specified time step.

  • Better memory efficiency. More voxels for the same amount of memory.

  • Under solver settings you can now specify the exact device you want to use by name. Useful if you have multiple GPUs.

  • Exposed the percentage allowed for sourcing per time step.

    • Previously it was locked to 10% of the number of simulation voxels.

    • Now defaults to 50%.

    • User can set this under the input tab under solver settings.


  • Source node did not accurately fetch velocity from collision and influence. Now collision velocity will be sourced properly.

New Products: Plug-In, HDA

Matthew Puchala