Privacy Policy

Last updated: 16 February, 2019

Internet License Server

The Pseudo Fluid Solver uses internet based licensing. The only information that is transmitted to or known by our servers is the date and time of license server access and a hardware identifier. Both of which are encrypted and anonymous.

The date and time of license server access records when the license server was accessed by your workstation. The solver will only contact the server when the local license expires or does not exist. No information regarding solver usage statistics is transmitted. This information is used to monitor the load of the license server at any given time and to make adjustments.

The hardware identifier represents your workstation or “seat“. This file is constructed using identifiers unique to your hardware. It is encrypted in such a way that there is no way to trace it back to any individual user. Only the original user’s workstation is able to decrypt this information.

Local License

When using a local license no communication with the internet servers takes place and no information is transmitted.

Data Sharing

Under no circumstance will personal information would be disclosed to a third party without the user’s consent.